16 Gauge Mega Flex Speaker Wire 500/75ft
16 Gauge Mega Flex Speaker Wire 500/75ft
16 Gauge Mega Flex Speaker Wire 500/75ft
16 Gauge Mega Flex Speaker Wire 500/75ft

American Bass

16 Gauge Mega Flex Speaker Wire 500/75ft

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Color:Blue-Black Twist

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American Bass 16 Gauge Copper Clad Aluminum Wire – Versatile Power Delivery for Your Basic Audio Systems

Enhance your audio system's performance with our 16 gauge copper-clad aluminum (CCA) wire, thoughtfully crafted to provide stable power transfer and enduring durability. Designed for basic audio systems, this CCA wire guarantees a reliable power supply to improve your audio components' performance.

Key Features:

  • Copper-clad aluminum construction: Fuses the advantages of copper's excellent conductivity with the lightweight characteristics of aluminum, delivering impressive power transfer efficiency while remaining cost-effective.
  • Resilient PVC insulation: The durable PVC insulation safeguards the wire against heat, abrasion, and chemical exposure, ensuring the wire's integrity and lifespan.
  • Flexible design: The wire's versatility allows for effortless installation in a range of spaces, making it easy to route through your vehicle's interior without compromising performance.
  • Convenient 500 ft, 75 ft spool: Supplied in 500 ft and 75 ft spool, the wire supports custom-length installations for a neat and professional finish, minimizing waste.
  • Broad applications: Ideal for powering basic speakers, amplifiers, and other audio components, this 16 gauge CCA wire is compatible with both automotive and home audio systems.

Choose American Bass’ 16 gauge copper clad aluminum wire to experience the optimal blend of versatility and affordability in your basic audio system's power delivery. Rely on our dedication to quality and performance for an exceptional audio experience.