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Fuse Blocks

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Gauge:FB 3428

A fuse block in a car audio installation is like the bouncer at a club - it's there to keep everything running smoothly and prevent any trouble. Just like a bouncer checks IDs and keeps out any troublemakers, a fuse block checks the current flowing through the system and cuts off the power if it gets too high. This helps to prevent damage to the components and keeps the party going (or in this case, the music playing) without any interruptions.

But seriously, a fuse block is a device used in car audio installations to protect the electrical system and components from damage due to a short circuit or excessive current. It consists of a series of fuses, which are designed to break the electrical circuit if the current exceeds a certain level. This prevents the flow of too much current, which can damage the components or cause a fire. So if you want to keep your car audio system running smoothly and safely, make sure you have a reliable fuse block on hand to keep an eye on things!

FB 3428
Three 4 GA Input to Two 8 GA Output
FB 3448 Three 4 GA Input to Four 8 Gauge Output